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Happy Clients

Having been through so much turmoil for years I found Natasha through a simple conversation with a friend and I can't believe that I struggled for so long. I am a different person having had a Personal Breakthrough session and a few more session follow ups. Who knew it could be so simple to feel so free. Thanks you so much!


I haven't looked back since my 121 therapy sessions and I now make great decisions all the time and actually believe and trust myself for the first time in as long as I can remember. It's been life changing and I have never felt so confident and good about myself. I needed this more than I even realised and I appreciate finally feeling I am fully in control.


I have had counselling and therapy before to help me through some difficult past experiences and had made some progress but I still felt I was being dragged backwards at times. I found the whole NLP therapy fascinating and the results of my full day have been awe inspiring. I felt instantly lighter and saw a new future in front of me with positivity and calmness. It's so hard to explain how amazing I feel and I feel like a new person and will be forever grateful.


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